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  • Walkerton Ontario Real Estate
  • Walkerton Ontario Real Estate
  • Walkerton Ontario Real Estate

Walkerton Real Estate and Homes for Sale

As a real estate agent who specializes in Walkerton, let me be your guide to what Walkerton Ontario has to offer as a neighbourhood to finding homes for sale in the area.

Every town, no matter how modest, has at least one claim to fame, and Walkerton is no exception. This lovely little town in Ontario has been noted in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not for having churches on every corner of the square. In addition, Walkerton is home to a famous Olympic athlete and features exceptional hockey teams as well. However, most people love Walkerton for the Saugeen River that wends its way through this town of approximately 5,000 people.

The Saugeen River is an excellent canoe and fishing spot and it is also home to an endangered beetle. The Hungerford’s crawling water beetle, in fact, may be of the most rare in terms of insect species, and it resides exclusively in this area and nowhere else – something that insect lovers may find fascinating. Whether you love to fish for trout or salmon or love to go canoeing, this river is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors.

The natural marsh like beauty of the River is just one aspect that makes Walkerton so special; surrounded by farmlands and lush, rich landscapes, this adorable little burg sits in just the right place for small town living. Filled with historic mills and stores, this town offers a great deal to history buffs. You can find a surprising array of dining, camping and travel options as well, and can always rest assured that something fun is happening in this little community.

This community minded town features several web pages where you can stay abreast of local happenings and activities, and you can enjoy the unusual mix of the latest technology along with old-fashioned morals and modes of living. With the low cost of living and laid back attitude, this is a great place to call home to families and people of all ages.

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Helping you buy and sell real estate is what I specialize in. Now that you know more about this neighbourhood, the only question that remains – can I help you buy or can I help you sell?

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